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We offer all kind of custom safety uniforms and coveralls. Including both (FR) Flame Retardant an Non-flame retardant safety clothing.

uniforms safety FR

All our safety uniforms and coveralls can be custom fitted with company logos, reflective stripping, patches, names, screen printings and other custom embroidery or designs.

Our FR manufacturers include Bulwark, Lapco and Ariat.

bulwark FR ClothingLapco FR ClothingAriat FR Clothing

Our Non FR manufactures include Red Kap, Dickies, and Wrangler.

red kap work ClothingDickies work ClothingRiggs by Wrangler Clothing




safety steel boots work boots by Blundstone

We offer the full line of safety steel toe boots by world famous Blundstone Safety footwear.

All of our safety footwear comes with steel toe caps, but that's just the beginning. Additional safety features are available on selected styles, designed to provide optimum protection against impact and penetration, plus resistance to cuts, chemicals, heat, electrical hazards, rolling forces, and other foreign stimulus.

safety steel boots work boots




safety eyewear and glasses by Edge

We offer the full line of safety glasses and eyewear by Edge Eyewear.

Edge Eyewear Safety/Sunglasses are manufactured for use in construction, sports and active lifestyle industries. They are ???fashionable??? safety glasses that offer technology which here-to-fore has never been offered in protective eyewear. The frames are engineered to offer exceptional comfort and other useful features, and the lenses have unique light management properties.

safety glasses and eyewear



Additional Safety Apparel

We offer many choices of additional safety apparel and gear including high-visibility garments, vests, shirts and caps.

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